Once Upon a Time

Welcome to Storybrooke, Maine.
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 Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin

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Mr. Gold /Rumpelstiltskin
Mr. Gold /Rumpelstiltskin

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Once Upon a Time
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Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin
Played By: Robert Carlyle

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In Storybrooke
Character Name: Mr. Gold
Character History: I own this town, even the lovely Madame Mayor herself. It is because of me that we are even in this town to begin with. If she hadn't come to me to make her curse work, we wouldn't be here. And because of the deal I struck with her, I own her, everyone in Storybrooke, and the town itself. I am the most powerful being in Storybrooke. Everyone comes to me for everything, even if they don't want to. I am one of only two people who remember their lives before the curse, the other being Mayor Mills herself.

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Land Of Enchantment
Character Name: Rumpelstiltskin
Character History: I was a man of very few means before I found my place in the world. I had been a coward, poor and weak until I took over the power of the Dark One. I had run away from the Ogre Wars when only to come home to a wife who saw me as the coward I was and left me to raise my boy on my own. We lived on our own until the men came to get him for the Wars. But I was not going to let them take my boy from me. So, I took Baelfire with me in the middle of the night to save him. It was during that night that I met the Dark One. I did not know he was the Dark One, but he told me how to keep my boy with me forever. I did not know it was a trick at the time, but I found out after I took the Dark One's dagger from the Duke and killed the Dark One that the old beggar who told me of the dagger was the Dark One himself... and that I know had the power of the Dark One.

I lost my boy because of this. He was scared of my power and ran off. I took over the cause of the Dark One, striking deals with anyone who wanted anything. That is how I met the only other person in my life who I have ever really cared about. Belle's father had come to me wanting to be protected from the Ogre Wars, and in return, I took his only daughter as payment to live with me forever. I did not plan on falling in love with her. I did not plan on her falling in love with me, but it happened nevertheless. But I could not accept her love, and I would deny my love, because there was no way I was giving up my power for love, even if it was with the only woman I could ever have fallen in love with.

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Sample Post:
I like this. It's like a game. And I am the game master. Its just so much fun. People may have come to me before, knowing that they were making a deal with the devil, but now, everyone here does owe me their souls, and I just love watching all of them scurry around this maze like lab rats. I love watching them go back and forth, living out what they think is their lives, all the while there is only two of us who really know the truth, that their lives are really not the lives they were supposed to be living. They all think they lived in this sleepy little town where nothing ever happens, but in actuality they all are from another realm where they all live fairy tale, magical lives. And now that Regina has sold her soul to me, I have performed my greatest feat of all: transporting us all here to this world where we all live meaningless existence thinking that nothing lies ahead of us and especially not out of Storybrooke.

But in actuality, all of us live different lives in the Enchanted Realm where fairies fly, kings rule, and men like me still control everything. I am Rumplestiltskin. I know I am Rumplestiltskin. And Regina is the Queen who wanted to destroy her step-daughter's happily ever after because she was jealous of Snow White and her beauty. But I believe it was far more intricate than that. Everyone loved Snow, and it wasn't just because she was beautiful. Snow was the nicest, most generous princess the kingdoms had ever known. She cared about everyone and everything, and because of that, everyone loved her. Even Regina loved her, in the beginning... And a part of me even believes that she still does love her, even if she is blinded by her jealousy for her.

But now, because of the curse she begged me to cast upon her, we have all been "trapped" in this mortal realm with no escape. Except for the Hope that has just come into the city. Emma Swan. It's nice to see that Prince James' last efforts to save his daughter were not in vain. Here she is, a successful twenty-eight year old woman, bright and as beautiful as her mother. She has her mother's soul and her fathers spirit. And now, even she owes me a favor. And don't believe for a moment that I won't collect. I always collect on my debts, either at the time of the agreement, or later on down the line, but I always collect my payment.

I love knowing that I have something on everyone in this town and no one has anything on me. Even in the Enchanted Realm, I hold everything over everyone elses head, but no one has anything on me. No one can ever bring me down... But there is one person... One person that I would give anything for... But she is gone. The Queen told me that she killed herself when her father brought to cleanse her of her time spent with me. She through herself from her window and did not survive the fall. My beautiful Belle and my son Baelfire are the only two people who have ever mattered to me, and I lost them both. But things are best this way. People won't be able to hold them over me the way I hold things over them. Things are best this way.

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All About You:
Your Name: Rissa
Your Age: 39
Activity Level: try to be online every day
Role Play History: I have been playing for several years. I've played lots of different TV shows, Charmed, Angel/Buffy, General Hospital, 90210, X-Men and several others. I've also played Aladdin, The Beast and several other Disney characters.
Contact Information: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] or [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Mr. Gold / Rumpelstiltskin
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