Once Upon a Time

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Emma Swan
Emma Swan

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Once Upon a Time
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Emma Swan
Played By: Jennifer Morrison

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In Storybrooke
Character Name: Emma Swan
Character History: I was found on the side of the road as a baby. From that time until I was eighteen, I had been wit 7 foster parents. When I was eighteen, I met, thought I fell in love with, and got pregnant with this man's baby. There was no way I could raise this child by myself. My White Knight was anything but, riding off and leaving me pregnant. It was also at this time I got thrown in jail, and that is where the baby was born. I put the child up for adoption. There was no way I was going to raise him all by myself. I hadn't ever known real parents to begin with, how could I ever be a good enough parent to a child.

For the past several years, I had been working as a bail bonds person. I have always been good at finding people who don't want to be find. (yet I have not found my parents, but am I even looking?) I'm really good at my job, but on my birthday, or rather the day I celebrate as my birthday, because I don't really know what day I was born, just the day I was found, everything changed. The child I had given up for adoption when he was born showed up on my doorstep and I had to take him back to his mother. I don't know how it happened, but I ended up staying here in Storybrooke. I don't intend to stay, but I have been here for a few months now and I haven't left. Something is keeping me here, and I'm not talking about the curse Henry keeps telling me about.

I don't believe I'm this town's hope. I don't believe that I am Snow White and Prince Charming's daughter. How impossible is that? I'm not here to save the town from the evil queen, who Henry says is his mother. He has this book that tells the story of what the people of Storybrooke's lives are like where they really come from, all of them fairy tale creatures. And the thing is, no one in Storybrooke even has a clue that they are these people. I mean, why would they? It's preposterous. And to think that Mary Margaret, the woman Henry says is Snow White, is my mother, I just can't believe it. I can't believe any of it. But yet something keeps me here.

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Enchanted Realm
Character Name: Unknown
Character History: I am the first born of Snow White and Prince James "Charming." When I was born, my father took me and placed me in a wardrobe, sending me to some alternate realm to keep the Evil Queen from getting me and ruining my parents happily ever after. Now that they've sent me away, I have a chance, and there is Hope for everyone in the Enchanted Realm.

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Sample Post:
I don't even knw why I'm still here. I don't even know how I got here. Well, I know how I got here, but I don't even know why I'm staying here. I should have left along time ago. I had tried to leave, but I didn't get as far as the town limits before I got into an accident and Sherrif Graham threw me in jail for destruction of public property. He didn't even take my reasoning for it. He just locked me up. I was sure it was because he wanted to keep me here for his own personal pleasure. He got some cheap thrill out of seeing me in distress. What is it with men who think they can ride in on their white stallion and "save the day"? Well, he wasn't saving my day. In fact, he was just making things worse. I just wanted to go back to Boston, pop open a Heineken, relax, and just forget about everything I learned here. I had brought Henry back, and that's all I planned on doing.

I think it was when Regina Mills practically forced me out that I decided I wasn't going anywhere. I wasn't going to let anyone tell me what to do or where to go. If she thought she could bully me, or even threaten me, she had another thing coming to her. I did not let anyone push me around. I did what I want and I went where I wanted. As for Henry, even though he kept insisting that everyone in Storybrooke were people from his fantasy book, I was actually enjoying hanging around the little kid. He was pretty smart for his age. Then again, I didn't really know many children, so I didn't have much to compare him to, but from as far as I could see, he was very intelligent. Then again, I guess if I did give birth to him, that shouldn't be too much of a surprise. It was just all these stories he kept telling me, that he kept trying to make me believe.

Lots has happened since I decided to stay here in Storybrooke. I moved in with Mary Margaret, a school teacher who volunteers her time at the hospital. Henry got me to convince Mary Margaret to spend time with a nameless comotose patient. He was convinced that these two were Snow White and Prince Charming, and that if Mary Margaret reads to him from the book she gave Henry, he would wake up and remember their life together ans Snow and Charming. But, just as everything in this town, Regina felt like she had to control this as well, bringing John Doe's wife in and breaking up Mary Margaret and David's time together. I won't ever understand why she was David's emergency contact and knew where his wife was the entire time. She just had to control everything in Storybrooke.

She seemed to control everything but Mr. Gold. For some reason, and I couldn't tell why, everyone in Storybrooke seemed to owe something to Mr. Gold. He even had Regina under his control. And even now I am indebted to him since finding Ashley Boyd. He had hired me to find her, after hearing that I can find anyone. And I made a deal with him that Ashley and her baby would be free from her arrangement with him. So now I owe him a favor, just like everyone else in this town. Even though everyone seems to be afraid of Regina in some way, its Mr. Gold who I believe contols this town.

It seems that I just keep getting pulled in further and further into this town. Not only am I indebted to Mr. Gold, but somehow I've been deputized... How can you be deputized into a town public office of a town you don't even legally live in? I don't know how, but here I am, staying in the town the child I gave birth too dragged me into, living with a woman he swears is Snow White, owing something to a man who seems to control evrything in this town even more than the mayor, a woman who has a personal grudge against me, and a public office position I never asked for. How I really got here, I will never know.

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All About You:
Your Name: Rissa
Your Age: 39
Activity Level: try to be every day
Role Play History: I have been playing for several years. I've played lots of different TV shows, Charmed, Angel/Buffy, General Hospital, 90210, X-Men and several others. I've also played Aladdin, The Beast and several other Disney characters.
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Emma Swan
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